Thunderclap: #StarbucksTrash

Civic Action Admin • 26 February 2018
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Every minute the equivalent of one garbage truck full of plastic ends up in the ocean.

By 2050, the world’s oceans are projected to have MORE PLASTIC THAN FISH by weight.

Yet every year, 4+ billion plastic-lined Starbucks paper cups are thrown away along with masses of single-use plastic lids, its signature green straws, and cutlery.

In 2008, Starbucks said it would serve a 100% recyclable paper cup and increase reusables to 25% by 2015. It hasn’t kept either promise.

Starbucks has the power to positively impact our ocean, yet Starbucks has NO PLAN to reduce its plastic trash. Instead, Starbucks continues to serve paper coffee cups that are nearly impossible to recycle because of their plastic lining.

We must demand that Starbucks, the leading global coffee brand, step up and STOP POLLUTING our planet with plastic!

Add your name to the list of supporters to be delivered at the Annual General Meeting in Seattle this March.

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