Like It or Not, I Protest for You

Kelly Lett • 20 February 2017

Metro Detroit Political Action Network (MDPAN) kicked off President's Day weekend by joining in the national day of protests bright and early. Indeed we were the first organization in Michigan to protest that day, but certainly not the only one! 

A small group of concerned citizens came together at the world famous fist sculpture in downtown Detroit to raise our voices against the trump administration. For two hours we held signs high and shouted chants to passing motorists. Since Detroit was and still is Clinton country, most of the passing drivers were very much on our side. Lots of people honked horns and raised fists in solidarity. 

Of course with the country being caught in a great divide that wasn't the case for all. Some cars passed giving us the good old single finger solute. One man held his bright red MAGA hat out his window while yelling trump as loud as possible, we of course drowned him out. 

Most interesting was the older man who decided to confront us while stuck at a red light. We were accused of being unAmerican as we engaged in our first amendment rights to gather peaceable and protest freely. Frankly I don't know how I could get more American than protesting, it is what our country has been built on all these years. What do you think the Mayflower and Revolutionary Way actually were? Boston Tea Party ring a bell?


The biggest surprise of the day came when a news crew from Italy arrived. They took the time to interview the organizer and get footage of the assembled group before joking with us on who was going to end up with the worst dictator for the modern age; Berlusconi or trump? Mussolini came up and we all agreed that we hoped to get trump out before a hanging became necessary.

We carried on for two hours in the bright sun. And while no policies were changed, ideas were exchanged and people were comforted by the sight of those not ready to give this country up without a fight. 

Carry on Citizens! #RESIST

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